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Free Agent Target: Kyle Korver

With Kyle Korver, it's not a question of whether he'd fit, or fill a need, it's a question of how much, for how long, and if he's worth it.
Korver is what I'd call a rich man's Jason Kapono. Same shooting pedigree (much better last season, actually) without the uselessness in every other part of his game. He's also a guy who doesn't need to be completely wide open to get his shot off, and make it. Kapono seemed to be more worried about his three-point percentage than things like helping the team win.

Korver's never going to be considered a defensive stopper, but he's not quite a sieve like Kapono either. He's a guy you can probably play for 25-30 minutes who will absolutely stretch the floor. Something the Sixers desperately need, obviously.

Unfortunately, he's also going to be 29-years-old, he missed 30 games to injury last season and while I'm pretty sure he's got a game that will age pretty well,I think it would probably take a full MLE deal to get him back to Philly. That's too much to pay, for too many years for what Korver brings. As much I like the fit, the price is just too much.

What do you guys think, would you bring him back?

by Brian on Jun 16 2010
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