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Free Agent Target: Lou Amundson

Doug Collins wants toughness and hustle off his bench. He wants hard workers. Well, Lou Amundson is an unrestricted free agent and absolutely fits the bill.

Lost amid the flurry of signings two summers ago was the loss of Amundson. In hind sight, the team would've been much better off not picking up Jason Smith's option and having Amundson off the bench. Now is as good a time as any to remedy that situation. Lou's been playing in Phoenix, and playing his role very well, ever since.

I'm not sure if his time in Philly would be a recruiting tool, or if it would make the Sixers need to pay a premium for him. He's not worth the full MLE, not even close, but if you can get him on a two or three year deal at between $2M-$3M per, I say go for it. He fits what I believe Collins is trying to do, and they desperately need a big off the bench who will give you some toughness without the drawbacks of a guy like Reggie Evans.
by Brian on Jun 12 2010
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