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I just wanted to get your Friday morning off to a good start. Here are a couple of quotes from Kate Fagan's chat yesterday on Philly.com.

On Andre Miller:

4:15 [Comment From Chuck F.] Would you re-sign Andre Miller if you're the GM?

4:16 Kate: Depends on the price. I don't think you can resign him to the same contract he has now. I think in the 6-8 million range, I would re-sign him.

On what she's hearing about possible Sixers on the move:

3:46 [Comment From No Need for a Handle] Any inside info on who we might be targeting by trade?

3:48 Kate: The three names I hear are Miller, Dalembert, and Green. I've heard Lou's name mentioned, but that didn't go anywhere (Lou is playing well!). This is all rumor mill stuff though.

Nothing too shocking there, but she does talk to people in the organization so this kind of confirms what we've been talking about here. She also predicted a 7-3 record over the next 10 games. That seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but it's possible if they play like they have over the past three.

A couple names that I've seen floating out there who may be of interest to the Sixers. The Raptors have reportedly dangled Jason Kapono (43.6%), Anthony Parker (43.4%) and Andrea Bargnani (41.0%). The numbers in parens are their three-point shooting percentages. If they're really available, don't the Sixers have to be interested?

Finally, the actual housekeeping. I've created a new worksheet, which you can read about here. It's also linked to from the home page under "Extra Credit." All of the worksheets I update are current (+/- and Four Factors). I've also added a bunch of reference links, you can find them in the same place on the home page (in the middle column), the links and a brief description are below. Enjoy!

  • CBA FAQ - This is the go-to resource for any and all questions related to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • NBA Salary Info - All team and player salaries on one screen. Extremely convenient way to research trade possibilities.
  • Popcorn Machine - Check out their game flow feature for a unique way to look at a game.
  • 82 Games - Advanced stats on players and teams. Great stuff, not a lot on their methodology, though.
  • Basketball-Reference.com - All the stats in an easy-to-digest format. Great for research on players. I actually sponsor a couple of pages on there.
  • ESPN Trade Machine - Dangerous tool if you have work to do.
  • Wages Of Wins - A deep statistical look at the Sixers through 24 games.
  • Basketball Value - Great resource for 5-man unit stats and more.
by Brian on Jan 9 2009
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