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Friday Morning Links and Updates

A few links and worksheet updates to get your Friday, game day started off on the right foot.

  • The Four Factors worksheet has been updated. Take a look, it's pretty easy to see why the Sixers have been winning recently (and why they lost to the Suns)
  • The Plus/Minus worksheet is also up-to-date. Iguoddala is leading the way with an average +3.47. Ivey is the worst on the team, at -4.13. His shooting has been beyond dismal for quite some time.
  • Happy birthday, Andre (belated). [Liberty Ballers]
  • The Suns had 80 points in the paint on Wednesday night. EIGHTY! [Sixers 4 Guidos]
  • DiLeo laments not using Donyell in some of those close losses. [Tom Moore]
  • Hollinger has something against the Sixers these days:

    Mike (NC): Bobcats make the playoffs yes or no? and if they do what do they do with Felton try signing him to just a one year deal?

    SportsNation John Hollinger: Looks unlikely for Charlotte -- their best bet is still probably to beat Philly twice and hope the rest of the Sixers schedule hammers them. They have games left against Detroit and Chicago too, which is helpful, but there's a lot of ground to make up on Detroit and Philly and the Bulls are playing really well.

    So, the Bobcats are 5 games behind the Sixers, 6 in the loss column. They're 1.5 behind Chicago, 1 in the loss column, with a game left against the Bulls, but catching the Sixers is their best chance to make the playoffs?
  • Of the big three in the East, I'm going to choose the Celtics as the team I want to face (if the Sixers don't get the #5 seed). Here's one reason why. [Celtics Hub]
I'll leave you with some food for thought. This is the second time I've seen the Lakers this week, and a thought struck me. Lou Williams and Sasha Vujacic were both restricted free agents this past Summer, they both signed for roughly the same yearly salary (although Lou has an extra year on his contract, plus a player option). Both have grossly underperformed this season. And both would probably fill more of a need on the other team. So, would you trade Lou for Sasha, straight up, this Summer? Do you think there's any way the Lakers would do it, maybe with a sweetener from the Sixers?
by Brian on Mar 20 2009
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