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Friday Odds and Ends

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A poll and a few random thoughts to get the conversation started on Memorial Day Friday.

Let's start with a Ben Gordon tangent. The Bulls new GM, Gar Forman, said today that re-signing Ben Gordon is his top priority. If this is true, one of two things must happen. Either the Bulls will go over the luxury tax threshold, or they'll need to move a significant contract. Deng and Hinrich are signed long-term. Miller and Salmons both expire next Summer. If rumors can be trusted, the Bulls are looking to part ways with Tyrus Thomas, but his salary alone won't be enough to avoid paying the tax.

How do the Sixers fit in? Well, there are a couple of scenarios. The most obvious being a desire for the Bulls to move Hinrich. If they're looking for cap space, it would have to be a three-team deal, though. Dannie from ReclinerGM wrote a post yesterday about a potential deal sending Brand to Chicago for Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas. I don't think he liked it, neither did I. The Bulls could also be looking to move their draft pick, which may not affect the Sixers directly, but a team looking for a particular player could jump up and snag him before the Sixers get a chance to pick.

In other news, there's been talk about the Wizards trading up to get Rubio. Otherwise, I still think there's a good chance the Sixers could get the #5 pick, if they want it. In the same column, Ford talks about Detroit's interest in clearing enough cap space to land two big time players, maybe Ben Gordon and Carlos Boozer. Perhaps Gordon's playoff showing will earn him back the money he turned down over a year ago.

Since we have 4 confirmed coaching candidates, let's break out a poll to see who's the favorite around these parts. Vote in the poll, discuss whatever you want in the comments and leave any interesting links down there as well.

by Brian on May 22 2009
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