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Fun With The New Trade Machine

Thumbnail image for amiller012909.jpgESPN introduced a snazzed up version of their NBA Trade Machine today, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Check out a three-team deal I put together after the jump.

See the details here.

Sixers get: Rudy Fernandez (POR), Kirk Hinrich (CHI), Raef LaFrentz (POR)
Bulls get: Samuel Dalembert (PHI), Travis Outlaw (POR)
Blazers get: Andre Miller (PHI), Drew Gooden (CHI)

The Sixers get two shooters, a point for the future in Hinrich (debatable), and they save some money on LaFrentz's insured deal, plus they'd basically be swapping out Sammy's contract for Hinrich's long-term, which is a saving as well. The trade machine says this would cost the Sixers 7 games this season, not sure how they calculate that, but they put the Sixers final record at 37-45 if they make the deal.

The Bulls would get Dalembert to play the middle, which may or may not be an upgrade over Noah. I think he is. They'd also get Outlaw, who may be a better fit for the team than Deng. This deal would only make sense if they're planning to re-sign Ben Gordon to share backcourt duties with Rose in the long run. The trade machine says this deal would cost them 3 wins in the standings.

Portland would be the big winner in the deal. They'd give up Fernandez, who they like, and Outlaw, but they'd be getting the elite point they need, as well as nearly $18M in expiring contracts. The trade machine puts them at +5 wins if the deal was made.

For the record, I wouldn't make this deal if I was Ed Stefanski. I'll further explain my reasons in a post later today/tonight.

By the way, it looks like Portland is out of the Amare sweepstakes, probably because they're "looking to add an elite point guard."

by Brian on Feb 12 2009
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