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If you need a plan that could work, I guess you can go with somehow getting Russell Westbrook to turn this game into a personal battle with Jrue. And hope Jrue has a really good game on both ends of the floor. If you can somehow keep Westbrook in a me-first mode all night, and forget he's got Durant with a laughable mismatch on the wing, maybe you've got a shot, but I doubt it.

OKC played last night and needed big minutes from their key guys in a loss to the Celts. Their defense has only been average so far this season. They're only 9-4. I guess those are all reasons for optimism, on top of the couple days of practice the Sixers had. Hopefully Turner didn't overdo it on Turkey Day. He's going to have his hands full tonight.

The tip is at 7pm. I was blessed with a last-minute babysitter, so I'm going to have to watch this one on DVR, but I'll be here in spirit. Use this as your game thread and I'll check in later tonight. Go Sixers.
by Brian on Nov 24 2012
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