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Defensively, three areas of focus. Jrue needs to put a ton of pressure on Dragic, who's have a really strong season. They need to keep the Phoenix bigs off the offensive glass (Gortat, Morris and Scola are all getting a ton of o-boards) And finally, see if you can entice Michael Beasley to shoot them out of the game. Beasley is in the running for worst #2 pick in recent years, though he has plenty of competition. Beasley is taking 8.5 long jumpers per game, and he can't shoot long jumpers. Just back off him and let him shoot them right out of the game.

On the offensive end, Beasley is lazy, Scole is a sieve and Dragic is weak. Attack, attack, attack.

Thad and Turner both played 40+ minutes last night. Jrue played 37. Everyone else should be fine. The Suns haven't played since Friday.

The tip is at 6pm. This is your game thread. I'll be here thoughout. Join me if you're up for a bounce after the OKC loss.
by Brian on Nov 25 2012
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