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Game 17 Thread: PHI vs. NJN


Before we get to the lineups, I'd like to thank the geniuses at the NBA who make the schedules one more time. Yet again, the Sixers have the second night of a back-to-back at home (negating the homecourt advantage), and yet again, the team they're playing on the second night has extra rest.

  • PG: Jrue Holiday vs. Devin Harris
  • SG: Evan Turner vs. Anthony Morrow
  • SF: Andre Iguodala vs. Travis Outlaw
  • PF: Elton Brand vs. Kris Humprhies
  • C: Spencer Hawes vs. Brook Lopez

Two bones to pick with the Nets front court: (1) Spelling Chris with a K is silly. (2) I really hate getting dominated by a center with a stripper name.

Key to the Game: The interior. Lopez is probably going to have a field day against us, and New Jersey has a ton of active bigs who will crash the offensive glass. If the Sixers can't find a way to at least mitigate their front court disadvantage, this is going to be a loss.

I'm looking forward to seeing Favors play. Troy Murphy is out, so he should get decent minutes up front, and he's the type of guy that's been eating the Sixers alive.

Prediction: PHI 90, NJN 91

This is your game thread, I'll be watching on delay again (last time!), so keep it clean. Maybe Turner will hit a shot tonight, huh?
by Brian on Nov 27 2010
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