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Are the Sixers the 10-3 team we watched demolish a series of bad teams through the first couple weeks of the season, or are they the 3-3 team we've seen struggle at times since? That question won't be answered completely tonight, but to build confidence heading into the Orlando game, they absolutely need to not only beat the Bobcats, but beat them demonstratively.

When this game is over, I want to have a hard time remembering any individual performances from the other team. I want the game to be a blur of Sixers stops, forced turnovers and transition buckets. If we see an odd lineup in the fourth quarter, it better include Nocioni and Brackins, out there to pad their stats in garbage time with the Sixers up by 20.

Last season, Doug Collins made it a point of pride to never lose two games in a row on their home floor. We'll see if they can keep that streak alive in a couple of hours.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if you need a blowout win to take your mind off the NJ game and you just can't wait to see Francisco Elson suit up.

Prediction: PHI 98, CHA 75
by Brian on Jan 27 2012
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