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I thought about writing a post about the upcoming 7-game stretch and what the Sixers needed to do against the string of good-to-great teams they'll be playing, but much like the team, we'll take it a game at a time.

Chicago is a good team. They currently have the best record in the land, they have the reigning MVP and they used to have the #1 defense in the league (until the Sixers stole the mantle from them). Play loose, play relaxed, play your game and you can beat them. Believe you belong and you'll prove you belong.

OK, enough rah-rah stuff. If you're chomping at the bit for the next couple of hours, check out this interview with Jrue about matching up with Derick Rose. I especially like how Dei blamed Jrue for the two home losses, without crediting him for any of the 11 wins. The key point comes at the 2:10 mark from Jrue: "It's all on the court...we just have to worry about our team, sticking together and sticking to what we know. We do those things, those concepts and we'll be good."

The tip is at 7pm. I'll be here throughout, if you won't be, there's something wrong with you. Biggest game of the year (so far).

Prediction: PHI 87, CHI 84
by Brian on Feb 1 2012
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