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Tonight should be a nice test for the Sixers. The Spurs strike me as a team in transition. They've still got their three (two, tonight) stars, but they can't be centered around Tim Duncan anymore. Tony Parker has stepped up to be the focal point of the team, but they're really getting wins on the back of their depth and energy. The Sixers don't have the star(s) and they've made a living beating shallow teams. Will the Sixers' bench be able to overpower a well-coached team that goes nine or ten deep?

Jrue vs. Parker is the main matchup to watch. They pretty much split their games last year, with Parker owning Jrue in San Antonio, and Jrue returning the favor in Philly. I'd like to see the Sixers attack Bonner with Thad as soon as he sets foot on the floor. I hate facing stretch fours, and the best way to neutralize them is to punish them on the other end to the point where Popovich has no choice but to sit Bonner.

No open corner threes, put a body on someone whenever a shot goes up. Bring 48 minutes of energy and take care of the ball. Simple formula, now put in the work.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, counting the Sixers turnovers (hopefully on one hand), join me if you're up for another home W.

Prediction: PHI 92, SAS 81. I believe the Sixers are 3.5 point favorites, I think they win by more than that.
by Brian on Feb 8 2012
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