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The Sixers need to have a mantra for tonight's rematch with Orlando. "No open threes. No open threes. No open threes." If they can keep that simple goal in mind, they should be OK. The Magic will look to shoot the three as much as possible, chase them off the line, make someone on their team make a play off the dribble (something they really don't have anyone who can do with any regularity) and you'll be fine.

Word just came down from the NBA that Jodie Meeks was passed over for the three-point shootout to clear room for Joe Johnson and his impressive 35.6% mark from downtown. Meeks isn't the only guy who has a legit complaint, either. CJ Watson and Kyle Korver, to name a few, were far more deserving than both Joe Johnson and Kevin Love. Ultimately, who cares, but maybe the snub will light a fire under Meeks to light it up from three tonight, and another fire under the entire team to put Ryan Anderson in shackles.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if you're up for a quality road win.

Prediction: PHI 96, ORL 99. Just a really bad feeling about this one.

Say it with me..."NO OPEN THREES."
by Brian on Feb 15 2012
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