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OK, maybe we won't completely forget the back-to-back, here's a look at the minutes for key guys last night:

  • Iguodala: 30 minutes
  • Jrue: 25 minutes
  • Brand: 22 minutes
  • Thad: 29 minutes

Actually, Thad's minutes worry me more than the other guys. He had a couple of really long runs last night to push him up near 30 for the game and he looked a little bit gassed. He's young, though. I'm sure he'll be fine. Hopefully Brand can look as spry on the second consecutive night of action as he did on the first. Iguodala and Jrue should be fine.

Three keys, in order: (1) Turn the Thunder over a couple dozen times. They're loose with the ball and those free points will keep you in this game. (2) Take care of the defensive glass. OKC's bigs will crash, put a body on a man. (3) Don't settle for long twos, but if you do, take them late in the clock. Grind out possessions against this team when you're in the half court on offense. They're always itching to get the ball back and get a shot up, make them play 18 seconds of defense, minimum, and swing the ball from side to side. Just be careful with your perimeter passes. Don't give Westbrook free points on easy steals.

That's all I've got. Just get the win, any way, any how.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if it would take the jaws of life to drag you away.

Prediction:PHI 92, OKC 84
by Brian on Feb 29 2012
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