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Tonight's game is mostly going to be about how the Sixers bounce back mentally from the OKC game. All these close losses have to take some kind of a toll on the players, to this point they've been great at erasing the memories and taking care of business against bad teams (the Nets game remains their only really bad loss of the season).

Hopefully, Golden State will play their game and cough the ball up early, allowing the Sixers to get out in transition, get the crowd into the game and lubricate their offense a little bit. The team will give away a piece of the floor Wilt scored 100 on tonight, so I'm expecting a sellout. It would be great to get the crowd going early and give them a show.

The tip is at 8pm (on ESPN). This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if you're super psyched to see Monta Ellis show us all what a gamer he is and how awesome it would be to have a guy who could drop 24 points on 22 shots and dominate the ball all night (instead of just in the last five minutes of the game).

Prediction: PHI 106, GSW 90
by Brian on Mar 2 2012
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