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When you look at Milwaukee's roster, you kind of know where the points are going to come from, but it's hard to get worked up over it, because they probably aren't going to be efficient points. This is the type of team the Sixers can (and have) completely stone with their defense. I worry a bit about Gooden because he's had tremendous success against the Sixers in the past, and Ilyasova, because stretch fours are always a problem, but Philly should be able to mitigate their production, especially when you consider Iguodala has a couple of fairly easy marks at SF and he can roam a bit more on defense.

I realize it's a broken record, but tonight would be a great night for Jrue to figure out a way to get to the line. Over his past seven games he's attempted exactly 4 free throws to 97 field goals. It's gone beyond the point of being sad. It's just inexcusable how infrequently he gets to the line. I suppose some this comes from the Sixers so rarely being in a position to ice a close game (when they win, they win big and teams don't give fouls. When they lose, they lose close, usually failing to come from behind). Maybe if they started winning close games we'd see an extra freebie here and there for Jrue, but the problem is so much bigger than that. I'd like to see Jrue work out with a guy like Jeff Foster this summer, just spend hours in a gym trying to finish with Foster hacking the crap out of him so he can get used to the contact, even seek it out and figure out how to finish through it.

Anyway, back to tonight's game. The tip is at 8pm. This is your game thread. I'll be here throughout. Join me if you're feeling a little better about this game than you probably should be.

Prediction: PHI 93, MIL 75
by Brian on Mar 5 2012
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