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If last night was more than a mirage, this one needs to be another blowout win. Let's take a look at the minutes from last night for the Sixers, the Raptors had last night off:

  • Iguodala - 35 minutes
  • Holiday - 31 minutes
  • Lou - 30 minutes

That's really it. No one else played 30 minutes last night. The sad thing is I think Collins could've gotten even more rest for guys, but still, fatigue shouldn't be an issue, even for Brand.

I'd like to see the Sixers come out of the gates angry tonight, and anxious to erase that pitiful loss last Tuesday from everyone's mind.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. Join me if you're in the mood for a 7-2 finish.

Prediction: PHI 104, TOR 90
by Brian on Apr 11 2012
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