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Game 62 Thread: PHI vs. GSW



  • PG: Jrue Holiday vs. Stephen Curry
  • SG: Jodie Meeks vs. Monta Ellis
  • SF: Andre Iguodala vs. Dorell Wright
  • PF: Elton Brand vs. David Lee
  • C: Spencer Hawes vs. Ekpe Udoh

One of my favorite matchups in this one, Jrue vs. Stephen Curry. I love watching both of those guys play, on the left coast, Jrue had 23 and 11 on extremely efficient shooting, but turned the ball over 7 times. Curry had 17/5/8 but 5 fouls.

I'm wondering if we'll see Iguodala start out on Monta Ellis? Last season, Jrue shut him down, and Collins seems to let the game dictate who'll he'll use Iguodala to negate. I'd expect a straight up Jrue/Curry, Meeks/Ellis, Iguodala/Wright alignment, to begin with.

Brand will either have David Lee (who can't spell D) or the rookie Ekpe Udoh on him. Either way, it should be a big advantage and I expect the Sixers to look to him early and often.

The Warriors will look to push the pace in a way the Sixers do not. They constantly run, and always look for early shots, even if the other team is back on defense. If the Sixers start playing that game, it'll probably be hard for them to match GSW's offensive firepower. That doesn't mean the pace of the game needs to be slowed for the Sixers to have a chance, they can look to take advantage of Golden State's defensive laziness to run off misses and turnovers all night long.

Prediction: PHI 110, GSW 98

The tip is at 6pm. This is your game thread, I'll be fighting through flu-like symptoms and right here throughout.
by Brian on Mar 6 2011
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