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Doug Collins wants it to be 'raucous' tonight at the WFC. I'm typically not a raucous fan when I attend, but I will be there, anxiously awaiting the mind-blowing player intros. There's something special about playoff basketball, more than any other sport as far as I'm concerned. I was at the Yanks clinching game 6 of the World Series in 2009, I was there for Aaron Boone's walk-off against the Red Sox in 2003 and Derek Jeter's in the series in 2001, but nothing was as crazy as the Sixers playoff games I attended in Iverson's prime. I hope the place is packed tonight, and I hope the Sixers give the crowd something to cheer for. I hope...

The tip is at 8pm on ESPN2, I believe. This is your game thread. You guys are on your own, keep it civil, have fun.

Prediction: 2-1 sounds good to me.

If you're at the game, we're sitting in section 123, stop by.
by Brian on May 4 2012
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