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Beyond the larger keys of attacking the hoop, pushing the ball up the floor and taking advantage of mismatches, there's one specific thing that I think will make the row much easier to hoe tonight. Get out to an early lead. If you put a double-digit lead on the Bulls, Thibodeau won't have the luxury of going with his better defensive lineup on the perimeter. When he does go with Ronnie Brewer at the two, do everything you can to make Brewer beat you on the offensive end.

Someone also mentioned this in the previous comment thread: Put more pressure on the Bulls' ballhandlers. Pick up full court once in a while, send a trap at Watson when he crosses half court. See if you can force the Bulls into a small two-pg lineup with Watson and Lucas, then attack them on the other end. The defense has been great to this point, but keeping the Bulls off-balance might lead to more transition opportunities, and those make it much easier to put enough points on the board to win the type of games these teams have been playing.

Come out strong, set the tone by attacking and don't let the Bulls go any extended runs. Sounds simple, now get it done.

The tip is at 7pm. This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout, join me if you want them to close it out in front of the home crowd.

Prediction: POTG for either Brand or Thad. Double-digit win.
by Brian on May 10 2012
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