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Game 86 Thread: PHI vs. MIA - Round 1, Game 4



  • PG: Jrue Holiday vs. Mike Bibby
  • SG: Jodie Meeks vs. Batman
  • SF: Andre Iguodala vs. Robin
  • PF: Elton Brand vs. Alfred
  • C: Spencer Hawes vs. Zydrunas Ilgauskus

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for this season to end. I'm fully aware it probably will end today, but I'm still hungry, and I hope the Sixers are as well. This is Miami's first close-out game, and they've been prone to lapses all year long. The Sixers have made the Heat fight tooth-and-nail for two of the three wins. If they can go out there and mirror their effort from games one and three today, they've got a shot.

Win or lose, though, I just want this season to end on a high note. Play a strong game, show some heart, and whatever happens, I'll be fine with it. The only thing I don't want to see today is a repeat of game six against Orlando two years ago. That game erased all the highlights from that series for me and really set the franchise back. You've come through this season as one unit, not a group of individuals. You didn't fracture even after the 3-13 start, stay together now. Finish it as one.

My key to the game is going to be Andre Iguodala's play on the offensive end. Miami is essentially saying Iguodala isn't a concern of theirs at all. LeBron and Wade took Jrue and Lou for the entire fourth quarter and left Iguodala with James Jones. He needs to take that personally, he needs to be in attack mode on the offensive end all day today, and by attack mode, I don't mean taking a ton of jumpers, I mean going to the rim with a full head of steam and dunking on people. I'm sure the knee is still a concern, but he's going to have plenty of time to rest it over the summer, don't hold anything back.

So one last thrill for the home crowd...too much to ask for? We're going to find out in a couple of hours.

Prediction: PHI 101, MIA 100, in overtime.

The tip is at 1pm. This is your game thread, I'll be right here throughout, 'til the bitter end. If for no other reason, I hope the Sixers win today just so New York can be eliminated first. Sometimes, it's the small things.
by Brian on Apr 24 2011
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