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  • Mo finished fourth in Coach of the Year voting. You can't argue with Byron Scott or Adelman, but Doc Rivers? Come on. Garnett is coaching that team.
  • Thad, unflappable.
  • Phi Jasner has a thing for Tayshaun Prince. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Seriously, read that opening paragraph)
  • The Pistons may stick with McDyess and his snazzy mask as their sixth man for game 5.
  • A compilation of great quotes from TV folk, over on the Starting Five. My personal favorite, from Sir Charles...
    “The Detroit Pistons don’t play hard. They got lucky one year, had a great run and won the Championship. They haven’t done anything since then, they coast all the time, they don’t have a great player so everything came together for those guys that year. They don’t play hard, the Philadelphia 76ers play hard. (The Pistons) were much better than everyone in the East a long time ago, but that was a long time ago.”
  • Scouts Inc. likes the Pistons. Of course, keep in mind that they've picked the Pistons in every game of the series.
  • NBA TV's video preview of tonight's games.
  • The surreal Eastern Conference - The Sporting News.
Set a reminder for the live blog after the jump. Four and a half hours until the most-important game the Sixers have played in years tips off. Excited yet?
by Brian on Apr 29 2008
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