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Game Five Key Indicators

Small sample size can be fun, sometimes. After last night's destruction of the Pacer, the Sixers pulled within a single point in point differential (490-491). John Hollinger would tell you they're better than their 1-4 record based on that alone, and maybe they are. Anyway, we're tracking a couple of trends, let's catch up.

Inside vs. Outside - At the rim attempts vs. long twos.

  • At the rim: 20/29 (led by Brand, 5/6)
  • 16-23 feet: 4/19 (led by Lou, 2/4)
  • Ratio: 1.526 (higher is better)

  • At the rim: 12/25
  • 16-23: 3/18
  • Ratio: 1.389

Here's a look at this stat game-by-game:

Shot Locations
Game At The Rim Long 2s Ratio At The Rim Long 2s Ratio
1 25 20 1.25 23 17 1.353
2 20 28 0.714 20 18 1.111
3 23 25 0.92 31 21 1.476
4 23 25 0.92 23 26 0.885
5 29 19 1.526 25 18 1.389

The Sixers did an excellent job of getting the ball in the paint, and a terrible job of converting their long twos (Thad was 0/4). Check out Indy's conversion rate on shots at the rim. That's just pitiful.

Iguodala's shot selection - AI9 was 4/7 inside 15 feet, 0/2 outside of it. One of those inside 15' attempts bugged me. He had good position in the post on the baseline. Instead of going middle strong, he instead dribbled once into about a 15-foot fallaway and missed it. Make the strong move to the middle. Overall, you can't really complain about a guy's shot selection when he only takes two shots outside of the lane in 40 minutes of work. On the season, Iguodala has attempted 25 shots in the lane, 29 out. 11 threes in five games, or 2.2/game, down from 3.7/game last year.

Risk vs. Reward - The Sixers continue to share the ball, and set each other up for easy looks. Solid numbers from this one.

  • Total Assists: 21
  • Assists at the rim: 12
  • Assists in the lane (not at the rim): 4
  • Assists on long twos: 2
  • Assists on threes: 3
  • Turnovers: 10
Jrue and Iguodala did a great job taking care of the ball in this one. Between them, they had 9 assists to only 1 turnover. Turner led the team with 6 assists, and 3 turnovers.

Turner can't play off the ball - Turner had 5 makes, 3 of them were assisted. For the first time, his teammates seemed to be looking for him off penetration. He knocked down one catch-and-shoot jumper, and missed a corner three set up by a nice pass from Iguodala. He's looking better off the ball each game.

Thoughts in the comments, as usual.
by Brian on Nov 4 2010
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