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Game Four Key Indicators

When you let the worst offensive team in the league torch you for four quarters +, it usually doesn't take much digging to figure out why you lost. Still, we're looking at trends over the entire season, not just why they lost this particular game, so let's take a look at the advanced data.
Inside vs. Outside - At the rim attempts vs. long twos.

  • At the rim: 18/23 (led by Lou, 3/5)
  • 16-23 feet: 11/25 (led by Jrue, 3/4)
  • Ratio: 0.92 (higher is better)

  • At the rim: 15/23
  • 16-23: 11/26
  • Ratio: 0.88
The first game to buck the trend. Washington had slightly lower ratio than the Sixers. Of course, this was offset by 43 free throw attempts for the Wiz.

Iguodala's shot selection - AI9 was 5/6 inside 15 feet, 1/7 outside of it. I saw one really bad shot, a three early in the shot clock. Nothing else stood out to me as a bad attempt. Early on, they went to AI9 in the post for an easy conversion. They never went back to it.

Risk vs. Reward - The offense was running super-smoothly early on, which was directly responsible for the quick start. In the middle quarters, it went out the window. Toward the end, it was pretty much like a pickup game, but at least they were going to favorable matchups with simple "plays" (basically, get Brand the ball in the post however you can.

  • Total Assists: 34
  • Assists at the rim: 14
  • Assists in the lane (not at the rim): 8
  • Assists on long twos: 10
  • Assists on threes: 2
  • Turnovers: 22
Criticize Jrue for his 6 turnovers all you want (and he does deserve criticism for the careless ones), but he had a truly amazing game as a distributor. Of his 13 assists, 9 of them were for at-the-rim attempts, another 2 were on shots in the lane, only 2 came on long jumpers. 7 of Wall's 13 were on long jumpers, which aren't nearly as valuable, imo.

Turner can't play off the ball - Turner had 4 makes, 2 of them were assisted on, both jumpers. Not a whole lot of info to be gleaned from that sample.

Thoughts in the comments, as usual. Tonight's preview will be up in an hour or so, followed by the game thread at 5:30.
by Brian on Nov 3 2010
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