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Game Two Key Indicators

There's only so much analysis I can do during and immediately after games. Typically, I try to pick one or two things to keep an eye on, plus the rotation charts. Luckily, we now have ways to take a closer look at what happened and try to determine why. This series will use the tools available to examine some key facets of the game and gauge how well the Sixers are winning (or losing) certain statistical battles.

The tool I'm using today is HoopData's advanced box score. There's a wealth of information in there, I highly recommend that site. Let's dive in:

Inside vs. Outside - At the rim attempts vs. long twos.

  • At the rim: 12/20 (led by Iguodala, 4/5)
  • 16-23 feet: 6/28 (notable, Hawes 0/5)
  • Ratio: 0.714 (higher is better)

  • At the rim: 15/20
  • 16-23: 7/18
  • Ratio: 1.11

The Sixers lost this ratio again, by a wider margin than in the Heat game. Their 0.714 ratio is pretty bad, but it's somewhat mitigated by the fact they got to the line 33 times. Still waiting to see if they can win a game when their ratio is worse than their opponents'. 15/20 conversions at the rim for Atlanta is just pitiful defense.

Iguodala's shot selection - Iguodala had an impressive game, and his jumper was falling so it's hard to nitpick his shot selection in this game. If his jumper's falling, you can't really blame him for continuing to take them. He attempted 19 shots, 7 in the lane (5/7), and 12 long jumpers (5/12). Overall, just a great shooting night for Iguodala from everywhere on the floor.

Risk vs. Reward - The Sixers continue to share the ball well, 24 assists on 35 made field goals. Here's the breakdown:

  • Total Assists: 24
  • Assists at the rim: 6
  • Assists in the lane (not at the rim): 8
  • Assists on long twos: 5
  • Assists on threes: 5
  • Turnovers: 8
58% of total assists in the lane is a good sign (54% vs. the Heat). A 3-to-1 assist/turnover ratio is even better (and probably impossible to maintain).

No need to check on Evan Turner's off-the-ball prowess, considering he didn't hit any shots.

Keep an eye on these facets of the game as you're watching tonight and if you have an idea for something else that should be tracked, let me know.

Thoughts in the comments. The game three game thread will be up at 6:30.
by Brian on Oct 30 2010
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