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Games Of Interest: 02/10/09

Big off night for the Sixers. The Heat and Pistons both lost, leaving the Sixers only 1 game out of the #5 seed.

Atlanta 111, Washington 90
Mike Bibby returned, the Hawks routed the hapless Wiz.

Chicago 107, Detroit 102
This is the third Pistons game I've had the displeasure of watching this week. I have to say, Detroit does not look like a playoff team. In the fourth quarter and overtimes of those three games they've just been torn to shreds. You can't blame it all on Allen Iverson, either. He didn't even play tonight when they blew a 15-point fourth quarter lead to the Bulls. It was capped on a four-point play by Ben Gordon with 16 seconds left. Atrocious basketball being played by the Pistons right now.

Denver 99, Miami 82
The Nuggets bounced back in a big way from a terrible loss. Miami turned the ball over 19 times, Denver turned those turnovers into 27 points. That's your ball game.

San Antonio 108, New Jersey 93
The Nets never really stood a chance against a resurgent Spurs team. They fall to a half game out of the #8 seed. Vince Carter needed 25 shots to score 25 points, excellent efficiency. There was a minor rumor that San Antonio may be interested in trading for V.C. Wonder if this game made them rethink that move.
by Brian on Feb 10 2009
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