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Games Of Interest: 02/11/09


The Sixers' scary win against the Grizzlies propelled them into the #5 spot. Actually, it's a three-way tie for the #5 seed, but they hold the tiebreakers.

Atlanta 99, Detroit 95
Flip Murray put the screws to his old teammates with 23 off the bench. Iverson had a nice game for the Pistons, but it just wasn't enough. Detroit continues their piss poor play. I'm wondering if/when Dumars will pull the trigger on a deal sending Rasheed out of town. He should at least be taking offers at this point, because I don't think all that cap space is going to allow them to do enough in free agency.

Milwaukee 122, Indiana 110
The Bucks have suddenly turned into Golden State. Ramon Sessions had 15 points, 7 boards and 17 assists in this one. Unbelievable.
by Brian on Feb 11 2009
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