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Games Of Interest: 02/17/09

Luckily, the Pistons continued their free fall tonight against the Bucks, so the Sixers still hold the number six seed. The Nets got pasted by the Rockets. The Hawks lost to LA, so a wasted opportunity for the Sixers.

Milwaukee 92, Detroit 86
This was a low-scoring affair, for once. Everyone's favorite fantasy waiver wire pickup, Ramon Sessions, flirted with a triple double as Detroit continues their spirited Grizzlies impersonation.

Houston 114, New Jersey 88
Something motivated Vince Carter to go off for 30 points and I'm not cynical enough to think it was because he desperately wants out of NJ and trade rumors have the Rockets atop the list of interested parties.

LA Lakers 96, Atlanta 83
Pau Gasol's triple-double sunk the Hawks. A golden opportunity for the Sixers to pick up a game on the #4 seed was wasted.
by Brian on Feb 17 2009
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