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@GeorgeDiaz: Howard Suspended For Game 6

Orlando Sentinel beat writer George Diaz says Howard has been suspended for tomorrow night's game for elbowing Sam Dalembert in the head. No confirmation anywhere else, yet.

UPDATE: It's confirmed.

On his personal blog today, Howard addressed a possible suspension. Here's the money quote:

Philly big man Reggie Evans even came up to me at the end of the game and said he was going to ask his G.M. to not go to the league about trying to get me suspended. I appreciate that from Reggie. Hopefully it will all work out for the best and I'll be out there ballin' for Game 6 on Thursday in Philly.

I imagine that was a funny conversation between Reggie and Ed Stefanski.

Many thanks to Josh from the comments for providing the link.

Here's a blog post from the Orlando Sentinel confirming. No one else is reporting yet.