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Rajon RondoThe daunting task of facing the 31-6 Celtics in Boston Friday night just became slightly less daunting. Rajon Rondo is expected to miss the game with a lingering back injury. Rondo is nothing special (unless you ask Bill Simmons), but he is the only somewhat-legit point guard on the Celtics roster.

Eddie House, Tony Allen and Gabe Pruitt will handle the point, and that means pressure, pressure and more pressure from the Sixers. The Celts will probably have to resort to using Paul Pierce or maybe even Kevin Garnett to help out their pitiful PGs, which should make it harder to get into their half-court sets. On defense, Andre Miller should abuse House on the blocks when he's in there. Mo should seriously consider 48 minutes of the full-court pressure against this roster. He's got the young legs to do it, and I don't see a legitimate solution on the Celts roster.

The Big Three have played 1000 times better than I thought they would together, but Rondo's absence leaves them in the lurch. If I was a betting man, I'd take the Sixers and the points on Friday night, maybe even the money line. How exactly do you put a team together without a backup point guard? Ponderous.
by Brian on Jan 18 2008
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