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Get On Board

What's done is done. Whatever bones you have to pick with the Sixers front office, whatever moves (or lack thereof) you wish they had or hadn't made, they don't matter. Whether Comcast is unbelievably cheap or willing to spend through the nose to put a winner on the floor, that's irrelevant as well. The trade deadline has passed, outside a token pickup, this roster is set. It's time to get behind the guys out on the floor.

If you're still a tanking advocate, I don't know how to break it to you, but the worst the Sixers could finish is probably 12th. That's a 0.7% chance of winning the lottery. And that's not going to happen. If you're pinning your hopes on Perry Jones or Kyrie Irving then just stop watching the games now. You're living in a fantasy land.

This team is beyond tanking, they're beyond trading away Iguodala and/or Brand for young pieces - if trades like that were ever a viable option - there's absolutely nothing to be gained from losing games the rest of the way. The path has been defined, whether you agree with it or not, they're on it. The players have bought in. They're playing their asses off for Doug Collins, and no matter what kind of fan you are. No matter what you think should've happened prior to this point, there's absolutely nothing you, I or anyone else can do about until the summer.

So give yourself a break. You've had months, if not years to be thoroughly disgusted with the decision makers. You've had 28 chances to curse this hapless group for winning meaningless games when you could so clearly see that losing for ping pong balls was the only correct choice. It's done, it's over, forget it. If you don't, you're going to miss some enjoyable basketball.

If you do fall into the fatalistic category, think of the next 25 games as a mini-vacation. You can let all that nonsense go and pretend, for a second, that the actual basketball being played on the floor matters. Hell, if you want to ratchet up the intensity and you're not into gambling, let catching the Knicks for the #6 seed be your short-term goal. There's no harm in it. When the season's over, it'll be open season on Thorn until he quits, gets fired, or makes a move in the direction you think the team needs to go. You can restart the "Trade Iguodala," and "Evan Turner is a bust," fan clubs and spend every waking hour bitching about whatever you want. You're probably even going to get to pat yourself on the back for your bold prediction that they'd lose in the first round. Just imagine the joy.

In the mean time, I'm going to be focusing on rotations, matchups, development, the out-of-town scoreboard and winning games, just like the team will be. Rest assured, the comments on this blog are archived, you won't lose your hardcore doubter status if you spend a couple of months actually rooting for something good to happen to this franchise, or this team, or maybe even these players who wear our favorite jersey every night. The guys on this team are a likable bunch, they play hard and they've bought in. The least we can, as fans, is give them our support as they try to do something that's become very important to them. Go ahead, put the paper bag in the closet and cheer for these guys. It's only 25 games, what possible harm could it do?
by Brian on Feb 25 2011
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