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Get Out of Jail Free Card

The last time the CBA was renegotiated, in 2005, a free pass was created for negligent owners. Basically, each team which was over the luxury tax was allowed to cut one player and remove their figure from their luxury tax bill. They still had to pay the player, but as far as luxury tax calculations were concerned, he disappeared immediately. After the jump, let's play a game about the possible strike next summer.

I'm expecting a strike. The owners are going to cry poverty, even after spending like drunken sailors on free agents this summer and beating the doomsday BRI projections by a wide margin last year, they're going to claim huge losses. That's just what rich guys do, they lie about how much money they're making so they can make even more. When the strike eventually comes to an end, one possible concession could be that each team will be able to cut one player and remove his salary from their cap number (in order to allow them to get under a "hard(er)" salary cap figure.

Let's say that's the case, since it's the end of August and there's nothing going on, let's try to guess which player each team would cut. Keep in mind, their contract needs to extend beyond the 2011-2012 season. Check contract info here. Brand is probably the second-easiest prediction:

  • Philadelphia - Elton Brand
  • Washington - Gilbert Arenas
  • Miami - Mike Miller, I guess.
  • Orlando - Rashard Lewis
  • Atlanta - Marvin Williams
  • Boston - Probably none
  • Charlotte - DeSagana Diop
  • Chicago - Luol Deng
  • Cleveland - Mo Williams
  • Dallas - Shawn Marion
  • Denver - Al Harrington
  • Detroit - Ben Gordon
  • Golden State - Monta Ellis
  • Houston - Possibly Kevin Martin
  • Indiana - None
  • Clippers - Baron Davis
  • Lakers - Luke Walton
  • Memphis - Rudy Gay
  • Milwaukee - Corey Maggette
  • Minnesota - Darko Milicic
  • New Jersey - Travis Outlaw
  • New Orleans - Okafor
  • New York - None
  • Oklahoma City - None
  • Phoenix - Josh Childress
  • Portland - LaMarcus Aldridge
  • Sacramento - Beno Udrih
  • San Antonio - Richard Jefferson
  • Toronto - Andrea Bargnani
  • Utah - Raja Bell
Those are my guesses, any modifications on your part? For the record, the Sixers would probably benefit from this type of CBA magic more than anyone outside of Washington.
by Brian on Sep 2 2010
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