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Get Some Rest

Elton Brand missed practice yesterday with a strained right calf (not the same leg as the Achilles injury). He said he tweaked the calf on 2/19 against San Antonio, and he's been playing hurt. He's listed as day-to-day. I say take as long as you need, then take a couple more days.

There are several reasons to give Brand extra time to heal up:

  1. I have no interest in seeing Brand play at the level he was at during the four-game road trip.
  2. Less minutes for one of the veterans equals more minutes (and more evaluation time) for the younger guys.
  3. Maybe the absence of Brand will mean we get to see Dalembert and Speights sharing the front court. A combo we've seen for exactly 22 minutes of a possible 2,800+ this season.
  4. Less time for the vets probably means the team will publicly give up the ghost on making the post season sooner, which should mean more time for Jrue, Speights and maybe even Meeks. Assuming Jordan isn't coaching for his job, which he very well may be.

Orlando is coming into the Wach later tonight, my preview will be up around 5pm. I'll probably have another post between now and then.
by Brian on Mar 1 2010
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