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Give Rodney Another Chance?

I missed this bit of news earlier in the season, mainly because he wasn't playing and had completely fallen off my radar, but here you go. The T-Wolves declined their team option on Rodney Carney back in October. Meaning, he's an unrestricted free agent after the season.

I felt a little bit bad when Carney was moved to make space for EB, but not that bad. He showed definite signs late in the season last year, and he's been putting on a show for the resurgent T-Wolves of late. Here's my early-Monday-morning question for you guys: Would you part with your bi-annual, or even some of your MLE to bring Carney back to this team as a free agent this Summer?

His three-point percentage is up to 38.6% this season, plus he delivered this sick facial to Dwyane Wade last season.
by Brian on Jan 19 2009
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