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Golden Opportunity

Five times in this disappointing 09-10 season the Sixers have won back-to-back games, four times they've lost the third game. Will tonight be the game when they break through and claim an actual win streak?

If it was ever going to happen, tonight would be the night. The Hornets are without Chris Paul, they're also missing Marcus Thornton. They're going to be forced to start either James Posey or Morris Peterson aside rookie Darren Collison in the back court. The question is, will the Sixers come out hungry enough to take a game on the road and extend this streak.

By "hungry enough" I don't mean will they play with harmony and effort, or any garbage like that. What I mean is will they play well enough to overcome the Eddie Jordan handicap?

For the Sixers, Iverson will miss his second consecutive game due to personal reasons. Whatever it is, I wish him the best. Dalembert has a bad back and he's listed as questionable, but I'd be surprised if he didn't play. It looks like Jordan is going to start the same lineup, with Willie Green at SG and Jrue at the point. If memory serves, Dalembert guarded West the last time these teams met, but I think Thad was starting at the four, so that was kind of an odd adjustment, one I doubt they'll make with EB at the 4.

So here are your matchups:

Jrue vs. Collison - This should be fun to watch, teammates last season going at each other.

Willie vs. Posey (I'm guessing) - Not so much fun to watch, thankfully Posey's game is pretty much limited to jacking threes at this point, not blowing by inferior perimeter defenders off the bounc.

Iguodala vs. Peja - Mismatch on paper and on the floor.

Brand vs. West - A very good matchup, and a tough cover for Brand when West is picking-and-popping. EB needs to go right after West if he's got him on the other end, though Okafor could switch onto Brand if he's getting the ball on the blocks.

Dalembert vs. Okafor - Okafor's got the girth to give Dalembert problems, and has in the past. The key will be for Sammy to stay out of foul trouble so Jordan can use him for his allotted 25 minutes.

Key to The Game: Threes. Peja has torched the Sixers in the past, Posey can shoot them as well. Keep them under 8 made.
If _________ the Sixers will win: Dalembert + Brand = West + Okafor.

This is your game thread, I'll be here throughout. Join me if you wish the Sixers would trade you for an expiring contract.

by Brian on Feb 5 2010
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