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Good Riddance You Miserable Disgrace

http://www.depressedfan.com/img/HinkieFailure.jpg Sam Hinkie, please don't let the door hit you on the way out and I'd appreciate it if you'd take the pitiful excuse for a roster you've "processed" with you. May you never work in the NBA again, and I wish nothing but the worst in your future of pilfering retirement funds, selling off assets and laying off hard-working people to squeeze out percentages from the companies you and your ilk chew up and spit out.

My interest in the Sixers and basketball in general is at an all-time low these days, but this news was definitely a welcome pick-me-up on an otherwise dreary Thursday. Everyone should be happy today. The scrotum licking Hinkie apologists can now forever say "He didn't have enough time for the process to work!" While the rest of us can finally put the most disgraceful era any sports franchise has ever had to endure behind us. Sam Hinkie will, and should, go down as the worst general manger in the history of professional sports. It shouldn't take 13 pages to say "I suck. I quit." But it also shouldn't take three seasons to create what is probably the worst roster in the history of professional sports, if that's your only goal.

For all the fans who haven't had a team, and more importantly for all the vendors, ticket sales agents, PR people and actual NBA players who had to take the floor and risk injury playing what amounted to an exhibition game against this squad, good bye Sam. You won't be missed, not for one second.
by Brian on Apr 7 2016
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