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Gotta Have It

This Sixers team showed me something tonight. They showed me that they will not give up. They will not simply roll over and die because everything says they should. Tonight's game was the ultimate battle of wills and the team finishing up a five-game swing to the west coast, coming off a back-to-back simply had more heart.

So many huge shots. So many clutch stands on defense. So many...you get the picture. I'm too amped to really get into it right now, but I want to point out one thing that will go completely under the radar.

This team was getting absolutely killed on the boards in the first half. Someone had to stop that nonsense. Someone had to the man who was going to clean the defensive glass down the stretch and in overtime if they were going to battle back and get this win. Do you know who did it? Andre Miller. He had 9 defensive rebounds, 8 of them in the second half.

That's your point guard, folks. Your point guard realizing what needed to be done, and crashing the glass with abandon. He didn't stand around and point fingers. He took it upon himself and when the game was on the line, he got the job done. That's heart, folks.

I'll have more later when I settle down.

Player of The Game: Andre Miller
Play of The Game: Royal Ivey stoning the over-rated Brandon Roy at the buzzer in the 4th.
Team Record: 36-33
Up Next: Minnesota, on Wednesday.
by Brian on Mar 24 2009
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