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Grasping At Kaponos

When absolutely nothing was working offensively for Doug Collins and his Sixers squad, he looked down to the end of his bench and essentially decided to pull his goalie late in the fourth quarter. He tapped Jason Kapono to come in and hopefully provide an offensive spark. The crazy thing is that the move actually worked for exactly 2:30, then all hell broke loose while Collins sat idly by.


g34rot010311.gif g344f010311.gif Thoughts

  • Jrue's early foul trouble really hurt. He sat on the bench while New Orleans ripped off huge runs to end the first and second quarters.
  • Brand got player of the game, basically by default. He played a tough 38 minutes and finished with 14 (on 12 FGA, 2 FTA) and 10 boards (7 defensive). Jrue was the other option, but it took him 17 shots to score 12 points, which is DeMarcus Cousins-esque. Jrue did have 6 boards and 6 dimes, though.
  • OK, so why am I pissed at Doug Collins? Well it's pretty simple. When Kapono entered the game, the Sixers went on an 11-1 run. In the middle of that run, Kapono got a pristine look at a three on a break and knocked it down. The other 8 points came from Jrue Holiday driving and Elton Brand working on the blocks. With 3:09 remaining, the Sixers had closed the gap to three points at 75-78. From that point on, Collins decided Kapono was his go-to guy and every single offensive play was designed to get Kapono a shot. They completely ignored the drives Jrue had been creating with. They completely ignored Brand in the post, which had been effective, and they insisted on feeding the ball to Kapono, who didn't sniff another clean look, nor another make the rest of the game. To make matters worse, this game was very much up for grabs on several possessions with a stoppage of the clock. Collins had more than one chance to make an offense/defense sub and get Kapono off the floor, and he failed to do so. I realize the rest of the team was pretty terrible tonight, and I understand why he tried to figure out if Kapono maybe had the hot hand, but after a couple empty possessions, turnovers and bad shots, Collins should've gone back to his best players. This game was within reach, I'd much rather have Jrue and Brand decide it than a guy who's been wearing a suit for nearly two months.
  • The trip winds up 3-5. Evan Turner and Lou Williams combine to shoot 3/25 from the floor. Now they have to come home and make sure they don't have a letdown game against the Wizards. Don't forget, they've already completely coughed up two games to Washington this season.
  • Speights wasn't terrible in his spot start for Spencer Hawes. He probably gave them pretty much what Hawes would have, on both ends, which isn't a whole lot.

Player of The Game: Elton Brand
Team Record: 13-21
Up Next: vs. Washington, on Wednesday.
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