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Griz Tonight, Things Looking Up

The Sixers look to make it two in a row tonight in Philly against a disadvantaged Memphis squad. The Griz lost at home to the Hornets/Pelicans last night, and they also lost their starting point guard, Mike Conley, to a sprained ankle.

If Conley is out, which seems likely, I'm guessing Jerryd Bayless gets the start at the point, and Jrue Holiday has a gigantic mismatch. Marc Gasol played the heaviest minutes in the first half of the back-to-back (40).

Memphis has a ton of trouble scoring points when fully-healthy and rested. Without Conley, the Sixers really have an opportunity here to turn the screws on the Griz. Rudy Gay has been horrible this season (TS%: .472), Zach Randolph's efficiency is down a bit. Gasol has to be the main concern. This is one game where the Sixers absolutely must push the pace. I'm not one of the people who think they need to play at a faster pace all the time, but against a shorthanded, tired team that needs to rely on it's less-than-svelt bigs? Run them 'til they drop.

A couple other matters of import, paramount among them, Andrew Bynum should begin full-contact workouts later this week, and might return before the All Star break. That's kind of a big deal. NO SETBACKS!

Also, with Rajon Rondo going down for the remainder of the season, you'd have to think the Celtics are going to look to rebuild. If they do, would you do this?

The tip is at 7pm. Use this as your game thread. I'll be watching on DVR, with a decidedly better attitude about the team (unless/until they lay another egg).
by Brian on Jan 28 2013
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