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Grudge Match vs. Minny

The Sixers loss at Minnesota back in January was one of the low points of the season. After the jump I'll peel off that scab to see what went wrong. Preview and game thread as well.

It's a pretty simple formula. Eddie Jordan decided to go with Allen Iverson, Lou Williams and Willie Green for 91 combined minutes in the back court. Jonny Flynn torched them, continuously. The Sixers couldn't take care of their defensive glass. An 18-point lead in the first half was blown, Eddie Jordan should've been fired on the spot, but was not. End of story.

Unbelievably, when the T-Wolves and the Sixers step on the court tonight they will each be looking to extend a winning streak to five games. Minnesota has been on an offensive tear recently, buoyed by uncharacteristically strong perimeter shooting from both Corey Brewer and Flynn. Kevin Love, who missed the teams' first meeting, is back and dominating the glass off the bench. Ryan Gomes is shooting the lights out from downtown. Al Jefferson's offensive numbers are down a bit, but he remains dangerous.

It's almost comical that the Sixers will come into one of their few cake games on the schedule against a team playing miles over its head, but them's the breaks. A couple of keys to this game, nothing too complicated:

  1. Keep Lou off of Flynn. That matchups is a loss, and there's really no reason for it.
  2. Keep a body on Love. I don't care how many boards EB grabs, his only job is to keep Love from grabbing offensive boards. Face guard him when the shot goes up, if you have to.

That's it. Told you it was simple.

If ____________ the Sixers will win: Offense through Brand and Igudoala, extended minutes for Jrue. Keep Lou off the ball (if not off the court).

This is your game thread. I'll be right here throughout. Join me if you thoroughly enjoy missed 20-footers.
by Brian on Feb 9 2010
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