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Guest Post: Please Tank

To brighten up your holiday weekend (and provide a fresh post for draft arguments), commenter Sander has provided us with his perspective on the right path forward. I believe it involves losing a bunch of games, and possibly having Thad fake an injury, but I'm not sure. Enjoy.

From the beginning of time it has been said that cities with true fans do not have the willingness, the patience, the basketball acumen to accept a true rebuild. That somehow this would be an affront to the sanctity that is the yearly competition, the ever present desire to better ourselves and live that reality out through our favorite sports teams.

But I will tell you as true Sixers fans we have survived worse than this. Even in the recent past we have battled through Billy King giving out six year contracts, Andre Miller and Iguodala trying valiantly to keep us afloat against better playoff teams, and Derrick Rose trolling us all by getting hurt and making an egomaniac appear a better coaching strategist than he actually was.

But that does not have to be our final resting place, a competition with our newfound Rockets brethren to see who can finish with the most consecutive eighth place finishes. We, as tried Philly fans, can summon this desire to embrace the more than occasional failed battle needed to attain the seemingly scant quarter chance to draft a Canadian.

We have been fans of the hustler Thaddeus since they day he decided to abandon the painted line that grew further away for him, and trust his quickness to gain an advantage over other interior players. And if he is asked to fall on his sword for the price of a future pick and a few less wins, it's not difficult imagine he will be the same team player he always was, wishing he could have imparted the same sense of duty to his comrades.

And Jrue, the fledgling all star, the intense worker, the Cali cool cat, who has already claimed our city as his second home, will be with us as a leader, a bridge between the past and the future to guide us and our emerging percentage-focused staff into the years ahead minus the cap leaches of Hawes, Turner, Lavoy, and unfortunately, an injury-riddled Richardson, the veteran sniper who left us all too soon. We have hope that a new coach, a new manager, and an owner who sees the apparent picture can deduce that the reliance on methods employed by the tried and true book of NBA improvements do not add up to a 76ers banner in the long run, but instead provide a crutch to an increasingly apathetic fan base who have been prisoners of this sales job over and over, and are ready for a different chapter. Bring it, Charlotte.
by Brian on May 24 2013
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