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Happy 4th!

From my family to yours, nothing but the best on this Independence Day. As Sixers fans, we've been on the roller coaster of emotions all summer long. After the jump, I'm going to attempt to declare my independence from the drama.

Ed Stefanski and the ownership, with debatable levels of culpability, have made questionable decisions regarding this team. In the past year their best accomplishment was performing so horribly in the regular season that they wound up with nearly a 20% chance of landing a top-three draft pick. They got lucky and now we've got Evan Turner as our third building block. They brought in a new coach to hopefully right the ship, but to be blunt, there's no reason to have any confidence that this group has the wherewithal to keep the team moving in the right direction as far as personnel decisions are concerned.

The good news is that the moves available to Stefanski are limited for the time being. He's not going to be signing anyone to a big money deal, a big trade seems unlikely as well. So we've got our team, but for some possible minor tweaking/unintentional downgrading. After the fireworks have been launched and the charcoal has turned to ash, we're going to have some honest-to-goodness basketball to watch. The Orlando summer league begins Monday night. We're going to get our first chance to see what Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday can do on a basketball court together. The level of competition won't be high, but still, it's basketball. It's x's and o's, it's a young group with a new coach, trying to figure things out. I don't know about you, but I'm excited.

Obviously, something will change to derail my feel good July 4th, but for the time being, I'm going to focus less on the would've, could've, should've stuff regarding Stefanski and the other decision makers and start looking forward to an upgraded brand of basketball on the floor. Even if the roster could be better, and probably should be better than where it stands right now, Eddie Jordan is gone. Doug Collins knows what he's doing, he should be able to get the most out of the guys on this roster who actually matter. Starting Monday, we've got hopefully more than 100 games of basketball to watch. That's something to look forward to.

Happy 4th everyone.
by Brian on Jul 3 2010
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