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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

To honor Cinco de Mayo, we'll take a look at the five best wins for the Sixers this season after the jump.
5. @ Houston, January 28th - Sixers 95, Houston 93
Huge road win for the Sixers, and really a vital win for a team that seemed snake-bit in late-game situations. Houston had the ball with a chance to win, they ran a pick & roll to free McGrady up for a three at the buzzer, Sammy switched on to him and blocked the shot. Player of the game was Elton Brand, who came off the bench to block 6 shots.

4. vs. San Antonio, January 16th - Sixers 109, Spurs 87
Anytime you beat the Spurs by 20 points, it's going to make the list. This one pushed the Sixers' win streak to 6 straight and saw them dominate on both sides of the floor. Player of the game was Thad Young with 27 points on 11/15 from the floor.

3. vs. Portland, January 14th - Sixers 100, Blazers 79
It took the Sixers 13.5 minutes to bury the Blazers and their "superstar" Brandon Roy to push their win streak to 5 games and end Portland's at 3. Roy did his best to catch Iggy (player of the game) in the box score during garbage time, but fell short in the first meeting of these two teams.

2. @ Portland, March 23rd - Sixers 114, Blazers 108
In the second meeting of these teams, Brandon Roy had the ball with a chance to win it in overtime. Royal Ivey, of all people, stoned him and the Blazers wilted in overtime. Again, Iguodala out-played Roy, who shot 5/18 for 12 points. Andre Miller was player of the game after dominating the second half and then overtime in every facet of the game.

1. @ Los Angeles Lakers, St. Patrick's Day - Sixers 94, Lakers 93
Andre Iguodala, for three, for the win. Got it.

by Brian on May 5 2009
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