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Happy To Be Here

Perhaps the days of the Sixers puff piece from CSN will come to an end once Comcast no longer owns the team, but for the time being, Dei Lynam is definitely churning them out. Yesterday, she reported on Andre Iguodala's appearance at Part of the Solution Community Day. What made this appearance noteworthy? Well, Iguodala actually looked happy.

It's probably not fair to call this a puff piece, though the burning question (why did he skip his exit interview?) wasn't asked. It was really nice to see Iguodala with a smile on his face and stating, for the record, that he wants to be here. He mentioned talking to Evan Turner last night about how they can play together, poked fun at Jrue for becoming too Hollywood to even get on the phone, and didn't dodge any questions.

When asked about his comments after the final game of the Miami series, Iguodala basically said he's taking a sort of Zen attitude toward basketball. He's living his dream playing in the NBA, so as long as he's playing somewhere in the league, he doesn't have anything to complain about. Believe him or not, I think it's pretty clear that he's on board now, even if he wasn't after the playoff loss. I'll take this as a good sign.
by Brian on Jul 11 2011
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