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Heartbreak City

The prevent offense run by the Sixers for the final three minutes of regulation is a perfect way to give a game away. Andre Iguodala was put on Kevin Durant's list and Jrue Holiday was shoved to the side after outplaying Russell Westbrook for three quarters. Tough loss to swallow, all things considered.

Leave your thoughts and Player of The Game nominations in the comments. I'll be back later with mine. This one really hurts right now.


g644f030911.gif Thoughts

  • Pretty simple tonight. I thought Jrue carried the offense pretty much the entire time he was on the floor for the first three quarters. He was penetrating at will, and either scoring or using his penetration to find wide-open shooters on the perimeter. OKC could not stop him. It disappeared in the fourth when Lou was scoring, but Collins never went back to it once Lou's hot streak ended. That's a big drawback of never going to Jrue down the stretch. On a night when he was the only thing that was consistently working, I guess Collins felt like he didn't have the option of going back to him.
  • Iguodala had a sub-par game. Way too many turnovers. I didn't think his defense on Durant was bad, but the results are the results.
  • Thad wasn't Thad. Turner wasn't present.
  • The Sixers had absolutely no business winning this game. Second night of a back-to-back against a well-rested, superior team, no business. That doesn't make it any easier to swallow coughing up a five-point lead with 42 seconds left on the clock. Not one bit.

Player of The Game: Jrue Holiday. If they win this game in regulation, it's Lou or his offense in the fourth, but since it was a loss, I'm going with the guy who carried them for longer. 22 points on 8/16 from the floor, 4 boards, 8 assists, 3 steals and 0 turnovers.
Team Record: 33-31
Playoff Race: Knicks won.
Up Next: vs. Boston, Friday night.
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by Brian on Mar 9 2011
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