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willieyousuck.jpgThe Sixers came out strong in NJ tonight, but faded in the second half and overtime on their way to a crushing 94-92 defeat.

After jumping out to an 18-point lead in the second quarter, the Sixers managed only 10 points in the third, and despite Andre Iguodala's heroics in the fourth, they fell in overtime. There's really only one stat we need to look at after this one, and that's minutes played. Here are the numbers for last night and tonight, combined, for each player.

  • Reggie Evans - 68 minutes
  • Andre Iguodala - 89 minutes
  • Samuel Dalembert - 87 minutes
  • Willie Green - 48 minutes
  • Andre Miller - 88 minutes
  • Kyle Korver - 57 minutes
  • Lou Williams - 46 minutes
  • Jason Smith - 16 minutes
  • Rodney Carney - 4 minutes
That's a heavy workload for the starters to put in over back-to-back games. They looked particularly tired in the third. I think Cheeks should've used the big lead as an opportunity to give some minutes to Smith and Thad Young, keep the starters fresh for the second half. He didn't, he went for the throat and with a little luck it would've worked out for him.

Tomorrow is a day of rest (and rooting for A.J. Feeley) for the Sixers. They play host to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night.

Player of The Game: Andre Iguodala, 24 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, 4 steals, 1 block and 12/12 from the foul line.
Team Record
: 5-11 
by Brian on Dec 1 2007
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