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Hinkie Takes a Flyer

No pun intended. In a move that appears to be spinning wheels and helping out an old friend, Sam Hinkie has traded for Royce White - an average D-Leaguer with anxiety problems (and a Twitter obsession) - and Furkan Aldemir, a stashed European big man.

The Sixers also got cash back in the deal, I'm assuming enough cash to cover Royce White's contract this season. The price they paid is unclear, "future draft considerations" according to Yahoo! Sports. The deal is nothing to get too excited over. There's almost zero chance it will make the Sixers better on the floor this season, which should be the goal in any deal they make. The main purpose of the deal was to help the Rockets out by shedding some dead weight salary. It's when you view it through this lens that it annoys me the Sixers didn't get some kind of pick back in the deal.

White has been nothing but a headache for the Rockets since they drafted him. He's been much more interested in raising awareness for his anxiety disorder than in doing his job. By shipping him out, Houston killed two birds with one stone. They don't have to deal with him anymore, and they cleared enough cap space to make a max offer to Dwight Howard. To me, it seems like Hinkie didn't do a very good job of leveraging the situation.

Anyway, if you're of the belief the Sixers obtained White for his basketball skill, I suppose you could make the argument that he can get to more games via automobile in Philly than he could have in Houston. Cities within a 7-hour drive of Houston include San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans and Oklahoma City. From Philly, that radius includes Boston, Cleveland, NYC, Brooklyn and Washington. Assuming he can't overcome his fear of flying (and he's actually good enough/motivated to play in the NBA) White could maybe appear in 55 or 56 games/year in Philly.

In the grand scheme of things, the team didn't get better, but they moved closer to the salary cap floor. I suppose it's tough to be angry about that type of move in this lost year.

by Brian on Jul 6 2013
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