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How Could He Survive This?

I have an extremely hard time believing Ed Stefanski will make a blockbuster trade that basically amounts to a salary dump in the next two weeks. That's not to say the Sixers won't pull the trigger on one of these rumored deals, but Stefansk? I don't see how he could possibly keep his job if this is the direction the franchise is headed.

We've debated the pros and cons of blowing this roster up ad nauseum. We've gone over every trade rumor, and they all revolve around a few guiding principles. #1, if the Sixers are going to free up salary, Andre Iguodala is probably going to be involved. #2, they're desperately trying to move Elton Brand, whose contract is perceived to be the worst in the league (which is kind of funny considering Gilbert Arenas is signed for more money).

What we haven't discussed is what this means for Ed Stefanski. Think about it for a second. Trading Iguodala and Brand would be paramount to admitting he screwed up the two biggest personnel decisions he's made since taking over as the Sixers' GM. He'd be admitting that he took us two years down the wrong road, and now he's convinced that everything he's done since he got here was wrong.

If that's the determination the powers that be in the organization have made, then fine. Blow it up. But how in the hell can you trust the guy who brought you to this point to choose the right path moving forward?

Now matter how much spin you put on it, Stefanski already has a tremendous amount of egg on his face. His hand-picked coach has done everything in his power to tell you, me and anyone else who will listen that this roster lacks (a) talent, (b) heart and (c) killer instinct. He went so far as to bench Brand and rip him publicly time and time again. Those barbs are directed at the players, but they land directly on the man who brought them in or signed them to extensions. They have to.

I'd love to be able to tell you the day Iguodala is traded away will be the lowpoint of my Sixers fandom, but it won't. I've been continually beaten down over the past couple of decades and I'm not as attached to Iguodala as I was to Barkley in the red, white and blue. I will say, however, that if Ed Stefanski keeps his job after completely tearing down the roster that he built (and stood idly by while Eddie Jordan decimated it), it will probably be the most hopeless I've felt as a fan.

Forget about ownership for a second, how can we as paying fans have any confidence that this brain trust will get it right on their mulligan?

If Ed Stefanski is reading, it's pretty simple. If you screwed up, and I mean royally screwed up, in building this roster, then you deserve to be fired. If you still believe in what you've built, and I realize it's getting harder and harder to hold the torch, then you need to get rid of the man who's continually made a mockery of it immediately. Eddie Jordan is not now, nor was he ever the right man to coach this team. Admit that mistake, address it, then maybe you will have restored enough of the faith you've squandered to earn the right to fix the problems with player personnel.
by Brian on Feb 5 2010
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