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How Will Jrue Evolve?

The hardest part about projecting the development of a promising young player is to guess which parts of their game they will fix. Look at Thad - many of his problems now were areas we thought he would have improved on by now back when he was the toast of the town as a rookie (rebounding, running plays, perimeter defense, handle.) For the purposes of this exercise, let's look at Jrue and Turner through that same lens.

I'll list a few current weaknesses compared to established players. Which areas will be cleaned up and which will remain weaknesses of their game even 2-3 years from now? Feel free to point out other areas. Let's start with Jrue Holiday. Again, this is not to be taken as criticism, more a scouting exercise:

  • Struggles handling pressure defense
  • Gets "stuck" in the half court when his 1st pass is taken away by denials
  • Not much of a midrange jumper
  • Can get careless when he attacks a double team or pressure
  • Not the best finisher 4-8 feet from the hoop (likes to try that running bank shot" and rarely shoots a good tear drop or pull of short J
  • Not much of a right hand on finishes
  • Streaky jumper
  • Sometimes struggles closing out on 3 pt shooters (like Bibby)
  • Has a problem handling small but physical PG's (like Jameer.)
  • Struggles at times with pick and roll defense
  • Lacks explosiveness on drives. Can lead to getting stuck on his drives

Your thought in the comments, and we'll tackle Evan Turner later on.
by tk76 on Nov 8 2010
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