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We're going to save the "who" question for a later date when I've got more time. The purpose of this post is to lay out the means of acquiring a shooter for this season. They're limited, but not as much as you may think.

The bi-annual exception is not available to the Sixers (thanks to Joe from the comments for looking it up), so as the team stands right now. The only way they can add a free agent shooter is if he accepts the veteran's minimum. That's as the team stands right now. Keep in mind that Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams are both restricted free agents. That means they have cap-hold numbers, in excess of their qualifying offers. If either player signs with another team, that cap hold number disappears and the Sixers have that much cap space available to them. If either one of them decides he wants to be an unrestricted free agent after this season, and signs the qualifying offer, then the Sixers will have cap space equal to the difference between the cap hold number and the qualifying offer.

If either of these scenarios plays out with Andre Iguodala, the Sixers could easily have enough cap space to go after one of the available free agent shooters. Possibly JR Smith, or Sasha Vujacic. Landing either would still be a long shot however.

Another option the Sixers have is the sign-and-trade with either Williams or Iguodala. I can't think of too many shooters who you'd trade Iguodala for, straight up, but it is a possibility. Lou Williams may be a better option as a sign-and-trade candidate, but I think the Sixers are going to hold onto him.

Which brings us to the final option, straight trades. Looking at the roster, the only guys I could see the Sixers moving are Willie Green, Reggie Evans or Jason Smith. Green's contract is atrocious, and I really don't think there's a market for him out there. Forget him. Evans, well maybe. Matt Carroll's salary for this season falls within 125% of Evans' salary, and Reggie seems like a guy Larry Brown would like to have, but Evans' contract runs through 2011, so I'd consider this deal a non-starter. A contender with a toughness and/or rebounding need may be interested in Evans, but I'm not sure they'd give up they type of shooter we need for him, so let's just say it's a long shot at this point.

Which brings us to Jason Smith. Did he show enough last year for some GM to really, really want him? Maybe. He's a skilled big with an outside touch and above-average athleticism for the position. Who they could hope to bring back for Smith (and who the backup  center would be if he left) is anyone's guess, but it's a possibility.

In order of likelihood, here's the list of how they can acquire a shooter:
  1. Veteran's minimum free agent
  2. Straight trade
  3. Iguodala or Williams leave or accept qualifying offer and a free agent is signed.
  4. Sign and trade
One other trade possibility does exist, and that's Andre Miller. I really don't see that happening though. This team has a legitimate shot at going very deep into the playoffs this season, they won't move Miller unless they can get a veteran point in return to run this team. Andre isn't going anywhere.
by Brian on Jul 10 2008
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